Standard MMP Digital Length Gages with Stand

The MMP Digital Length Gage offers a rugged alternative to calipers for longer length measuring.

These MMP Digital Length Gages are mounted to an industrial strength stand that is designed to be out on the factory floor. This makes the MMP Digital Length Gage the perfect measuring device to let you measure lengths out by your machines, increasing the speed of production times by providing fast and accurate measurements. The precision moving carriage with handle also makes for maintenance free performance.

MMP Digital Length Gage with Stand

Included are high-performance slide bearings for smooth and easy positioning. The high-accuracy linear encoder offers IP67 rated protection from harsh measuring environments.  

These MMP Digital Length Gages are available with or without casters on the stands. With casters, the MMP can be moved around from 1 measuring location to another, wherever the gage is needed. Once in the desired location, the casters can be locked to prevent any further movement.


 Features include...

  • Easy to read LCD Digital Readout
  • Inch, mm, & fractional display
  • IP67 Rated Protection on Scale
  • IP60 Rated Protection on Display
  • Display includes Industrial Grade "C" Battery
  • Adjustable parameters for presets, datum, and offsets.
  • Standard Base Material is UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) Polyethylene
    • UHMW Polyethylene is highly resistant to abrasion
  • SPC Output
  • Includes Industrial Strength Stand
  • Includes Certificate of Calibration

Standard Specifications include...

  • 0.001" / 0.01mm / 1/64" Resolution
  • 0.001" / 0.01mm Accuracy
  • 3.375" x 2.25" Standard Size Anvil
  • 36" Working Height