A Groove Micrometer is a precision measuring tool used to measure the width, depth, and diameter of grooves or narrow slots. Groove Micrometers are commonly used in the manufacturing, machining, and toolmaking industries to ensure that parts and components meet precise specifications for groove dimensions.

Groove Micrometers typically consist of a straight frame with a measuring head at one end and a thimble at the other end. The measuring head contains two opposing anvils that are used to measure the width of the groove. The thimble is used to adjust the position of the anvils and to read the measurement off a calibrated scale or digital display on the micrometer.

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To use a Groove Micrometer, the user places the measuring head into the groove and adjusts the position of the anvils until they contact the sides of the groove. The user can then read the width of the groove off the micrometer's scale or display.

Groove Micrometers are highly accurate and precise, typically capable of measuring groove dimensions to within 0.01mm or better. They are often used in quality control and inspection applications to ensure that grooves meet precise specifications for width, depth, and diameter.

Overall, Groove Micrometers are essential tools for accurately measuring and verifying the dimensions of grooves and narrow slots in a wide range of applications. They are simple to use, highly accurate, and versatile, making them an indispensable tool for anyone who needs to measure groove dimensions in precision manufacturing or machining applications.

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