Our selection of Gage Interface Boxes makes it easy to get the right gage interface for your application.

We specialize in offering a variety of gage interface boxes from a variety of manufacturers, ensuring that we will be able to offer a simple, and more importantly, a correct gage interface box that will work with your digital gages and whatever software you have, regardless of whether it is an SPC software, or just Microsoft Excel.

If its only connecting to a single Digital Gage with SPC Output, we have several options to interface with a single gage. We also offer Gage Interface Boxes in 2-port, 4-port, or even 8-port formats that let you plug up to 8 different gages into the 1 Gage Interface Box, and then that box can connect to your PC through a single USB Port or serial port, depending upon the software you are working with.

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Most of our Gage Interface Boxes also have Footswitch ports that allow you to plug in an optional Footswitch, or multiple Footswitches, to be used to trigger data sends.

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