Mitutoyo Linear Height Blowout

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Mitutoyo Linear Height LH-600E

Special Sale Prices End 1-31-2017

For a very limited time, you can

Save over $2,000

on Mitutoyo's World Class, High Accuracy Height Gage, the Mitutoyo Linear Height.

The LH-600E is a high-performance 1D/2D height gage which offers full or semi-floating measurement via the built-in air cushion, a measuring range of 0” to 38”, selectable resolutions of .000001”, .00001”, .0001”, .001” and a measuring accuracy of .000043 + (.000024 X L*/24)”.

(L*=Measuring length (inch)).

The Linear Height is available in the following models...

In addition to the main unit, the following accessories are included with the LH-600E main unit:

  • 5mm diameter eccentric probe
  • Probe diameter calibration block
  • Battery
  • AC adapter
  • Power cable
  • Clear cover
  • Conveying handle

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