Mitutoyo Optical Comparators with NEW M2 Geometric Display

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Mitutoyo's newest M2 Digital Display is a full Graphic-based display with Mitutoyo's M2 Geometric 2D Measurement Software and Color Touch Screen that makes for quick and easy measurement functions. At we now offer Optical Comparator Packages that include the M2 Display for both the PH-A14 and the PH-3515F.

Mitutoyo Optical Comparator with M2 Display Packages

Here at, our Mitutoyo Optical Comparator Packages with the M2 Display include the following...

  • Main Unit (PH-A14 or PH-3515F)
  • 10X Lens
  • M2 Display
  • FREE Freight
  • FREE On-Site Installation
  • FREE On-Site Initial Calibration

M2 Geometric Tolerancing


Geometric Tolerancing

The M2 Display includes Geometric Tolerancing that allows you to measure features, set nominals, apply tolerances, and view deviation results with only a few quick clicks.




M2 Part View Constructions

Graphics-based "Part View" Constructions

The M2 Display allows the user to generate popular construction types, like Distances and Tangent Lines, from within the graphical part view.



M2 Reports

M2 Geometric Reports

The M2 Display offers flexibility for report contents and formatting, which allows for full customization of the data format, header information, and header / footer graphics.



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