Tools That You Should Have On-Hand

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When you think of tools, there are some that it seems that everyone should own. Having a hammer, screwdrivers, and measuring tape on-hand can help you out in more ways than you might think, but if you own a home, are a fix-it person, or like to work with your hands, there are some other tools that you should be sure you have available at any time.

  • An adjustable wrench, socket wrench set, and dual sized wrench.
  • A metal file.
  • A putty knife.
  • A bow saw.
  • Paint brushes, rollers, trays, and cups.
  • Side cutting pliers and needle nose pliers.
  • Square and rounded head shovels.
  • A power drill and bits.
  • A utility knife.
  • A step ladder.
  • Extension cords.

Don’t let the need for a tool you don’t have ruin your projects. Whether you’re planning a big project or not, having a range of tools on-hand will help you be prepared for what you might have to face.

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