Digital Length Stop Systems

MD10D - Digital Length Stop System

The MD10D is a cost-effective way to boost productivity and increase positioning accuracy. Equipped with an IP67 rated linear encoder and Digital Readout that boasts resolutions of 0.001" / 0.01mm, the MD10D helps avoid miscues and reduces material waste.

The MD10D is perfect for any ferrous and non-ferrous fabricating equipment that requires accurate and repeatable positioning, such as...

  • Cold Saws, Upcut Saws, Column Saws, Band Saws
  • Drills, Ironworkers, Punch Presses
  • Shears, Press Brakes
  • Custom Machinery as well

MD10D Non-Contact Encoder

Non-Contact and Wear-Free Linear Encoder.

The MD10D uses magnetic sending technology, so they work without contact and ensure a virtually wear-free and maintenance free operation.

This ensures high-accuracy measurements for a lifetime.

MD10D Battery Powered Digital Readout

Battery Powered PCD Digital Readout.

The MD10D uses a Digital Readout powered by a standard C battery, with an average life span up to 12 months.

Features include...

  • Inch, mm, or fractional display with direct button conversion between inch and mm.
  • Can be zeroed or referenced anywhere along the guide rail.
  • Battery life indicator.
MD10D Maintenance Free Bearings

Maintenance Free Bearings.

The MD10D uses a self-lubricating UHMW bearing pad. This material has a low coefficient of friction, which ensures a smooth carriage travel.

Unlike roller bearings, there is no required lubrication or concerns about breakdown. Thus, maintenance costs and downtime are virtually eliminated.

MD10D Customized

Customized to Fit Your Needs.

Need a custom Stop Plate? No problem.

Need a longer arm? No Problem.

Just tell us what you need and our dedicated production team will make it happen.