Indicator Accessories are additional components that can be added to Dial & Digital Indicators, Test Indicators, and other precision measuring tools to enhance their functionality and adaptability. Some common indicator accessories include contact points, spindle lifting knobs, contact point kits, and contact extensions.

Contact Points are interchangeable tips that are attached to the plunger of an indicator to provide a precise and reliable point of contact with the surface being measured. These points come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate different measurement applications. They are typically made of hardened steel or carbide to ensure durability and accuracy.

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Spindle Lifting Knobs are used to move the spindle up and down in small increments, allowing for precise positioning of the contact point. These knobs provide fine control over the movement of the plunger, which is essential for accurate measurements.

Contact Point Kits are sets of interchangeable contact points that can be used to adapt an indicator to different measurement tasks. These kits typically include a range of different contact points with different shapes and sizes to accommodate various measurement applications.

Contact Extensions are used to extend the reach of the plunger, allowing for measurement in hard-to-reach areas. These extensions are available in a range of lengths and sizes to accommodate different measurement tasks.

Overall, Indicator Accessories are essential tools for enhancing the functionality and adaptability of precision measuring tools. They provide versatility and flexibility, allowing these tools to be used for a wide range of measurement applications. By adding these accessories, users can ensure that their measuring tools are optimized for their specific needs and requirements.


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