Explore our range of Dial Indicators, Digital Indicators, and Stands designed to elevate your measurement and positioning capabilities.

Dial Indicators, reminiscent of a clock face, provide an intuitive display with hands pointing to graduations on a circular scale, representing the distance of the probe tip from a zero setting. The internal workings, akin to a mechanical wristwatch, utilize a rack and pinion gear for precise readings. In the digital era, these indicators have evolved to feature LCD displays and linear encoders, offering advantages like electronic data recording and transmission to computers through interfaces such as RS-232 or USB.

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Our Digital Indicators bring the latest technology to your fingertips, replacing traditional dials with digital displays. With the ability to record and transmit data electronically, these indicators offer enhanced efficiency and compatibility with modern computing systems.

To ensure precise positioning and stability, our Indicator Stands are meticulously crafted. Whether you're working in a controlled laboratory environment or on the bustling factory floor, our stands, featuring Granite or Cast Iron Bases, provide the stability and accuracy required for your measurement tools. The Magnetic Base Indicator Stand takes it a step further, securely attaching to any ferrous metal surface with a strong magnetic force, offering flexibility in positioning Dial or Test Indicators.

Discover a world of accuracy and efficiency with our Indicator Collection, where traditional craftsmanship meets cutting-edge technology to meet the diverse needs of your measurement and positioning tasks.

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