Meyer Class ZZ Black OX Gage Pin Sets

Meyer Class ZZ Block OX Gage Pin Sets

Class ZZ .0002″ tolerance
Box and gages clearly marked
No sharp edges
All gages 2” long
Your choice of plus or minus
Certificate of conformance to ANSI B89. 1.5-1998



  • Measuring hole sizes and depth
  • Checking locations
  • GO & NO/GO gaging
  • Inspect holes, or slots for pass / fail conditions
  • Checking micrometers and calipers


  • Black OX surface treatment
  • Centerless Ground
  • 10 micro-inch finish
  • Heat treated to 60-62 Rockwell C
  • English gage with .0002″ limit
  • Roundness Geometry .0001″ limit

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