MMT-Series Digital Length Gages

MMT Digital Length Gage

The MMT Digital Length Gage is designed to simplify the quality control process of measuring overall part dimensions. The MMT functions similarly to digital calipers, but features a more robust construction. Additionally, the integrated table prevents the operator from needing to hold the part or measuring tool, which can often be cumbersome with larger parts.

Key Features…

  • Non-contact linear encoder for direct and precise measuring
  • 5.7” color TFT screen with segmented error compensation for near perfect measuring accuracy
  • Simulated absolute encoder functionality to ensure you do not lose positional information when the readout is powered off
  • Integrated mar-free worktable
  • Available in any length - No limitations
  • Maintenance -free stainless steel roller bearings
  • Customized to fit application requirements

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