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WedgeLink Lite Software

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Product Description

WedgeLink is a software wedge that handles communications between a measuring device with a data output and software running on your PC. The WedgeLink software gives you the ability to determine what part of the incoming data you want to capture, and then what software do you want the data to be placed into. Works great with MS Excel!

The WedgeLink software wedge is available in 2 editions:  Lite and Standard.  Both editions are full featured and the only difference between them is that the Lite edition does not support data parsing except for the addition of a date/time stamp.

When to choose WedgeLink Lite

  • If the data format coming from your serial device is exactly what you want to send to your target application. WedgeLink Lite does allow you to add a date/time stamp as a data prefix.
  • You are looking for an economical solution for transferring properly formatted serial port data directly into Windows applications.
  • Many barcode scanners and other devices can be used very effectively with WedgeLink Lite.


WedgeLink Lite features include…

  • Transfers data as it is received from the serial device.
  • Add an optional date and/or time to the data packet.

This is a software Download license.

  • After your purchase you will receive an email directing you to where you can download the software, as well as a license key that will fully unlock the software.