Spring Calipers & Dividers

Spring Calipers & Dividers
Spring Calipers and Dividers are precision measuring tools used to measure the diameter, thickness, or distance between two points of a workpiece. They are commonly used in metalworking, woodworking, and other mechanical applications to measure and mark out the dimensions of a workpiece.

Spring Calipers and Dividers are similar in design, consisting of two arms joined by a pivot point. The arms are typically made of hardened steel and have sharpened points or jaws at their ends that can be used to grip the workpiece. The arms are spring-loaded, allowing the user to adjust the distance between the points or jaws by opening or closing the arms.

Spring Calipers are typically used to measure the outside diameter of cylindrical objects such as rods or pipes. The user grips the workpiece between the points of the caliper and then reads the measurement off a calibrated scale or ruler.

Dividers are similar to calipers but are typically used to scribe or mark out distances on a workpiece. The points of the dividers can be adjusted to a precise distance and then used to scribe lines or arcs on the workpiece.

Both Spring Calipers and Dividers are highly accurate and precise, typically capable of measuring distances to within 0.01mm or better. They are often used in quality control and inspection applications to ensure that parts and components meet precise specifications for size and dimensions.

Overall, Spring Calipers and Dividers are essential tools for accurately measuring and marking out the dimensions of a wide range of workpieces in mechanical, machining, and woodworking applications. They are simple to use, highly accurate, and versatile, making them an indispensable tool for anyone who needs to measure or mark out precise distances in their work.