The MMP Digital Length Gage offers a rugged alternative to calipers for longer length measuring.

This is a light weight designed gage for portability, that also includes a rugged guide rail with T-slots for easy mounting. The precision moving carriage with handle makes for maintenance free performance.

Included are high-performance slide bearings for smooth and easy positioning. The high-accuracy linear encoder offers IP67 rated protection from harsh measuring environments.

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The standard included anvils are 3.375" x 2.25" in size, and are precision ground steel for accurate measuring of larger work pieces.

The battery-powered LCD readout includes a standard inch, mm, and fractional display. The display's keypads offer presets for zero and reference with an inch/mm conversion. The display offers an IP60 rated protection.

Standard Features include...
  • 60" / 1524mm or 120" / 3048mm Measuring Ranges
  • 0.001" / 0.01mm / 1/64" Resolution
  • 0.001" / 0.01mm Repeat Accuracy
  • 32°F - 122°F Operating Temperature

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A variety of contact plates and bases can be added or attached to add more functionality to the gage for your specific application...

A customer of ours had a specific application with 2 different lengths they wanted to measure with one gage. Our design team provided the solution with a single gage, 2 independent displays, and a track cut into the base to help provide stability of the part during measurements.

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A customer came to us with a specific and demanding requirement: they needed a robust, steel construction Digital Length Gage with a colossal 120" measuring range. This gage had to be capable of accurately measuring overall lengths of up to a staggering 120" on round materials with up to a 6" diameter. The challenge was clear, but we were up for it.

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For sheet measuring, a step is cut into the base and custom anvils are added to ride inside the slot to ensure the sheeting didn't slip under the anvils during measurements.

Digital Length Gages at
Digital Length Gages at


A unique rotating anvil was manufactured to allow for measuring the length of a brake line, including the fitting, and also measure the length of the brake line only. Custom V-blocks were also manufactured to allow the brake line to remain straight during operation.

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A channel cal be added to hold round material in place while being measured. Custom anvils were manufactured for this application to travel inside the channel to ensure contact with the material regardless of the diameter.

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Digital Length Gages at


If you would prefer to have an industrial strength table incorporated into the design of the Digital Length Gage, we absolutely can do that. Just let us know what would best fit your application and let us build it.

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Digital Length Gages at
Digital Length Gages at

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