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What are Digital Length Gages?

There are different tools used to get optimum precise measurement result. Digital Length Gages are just one of the tools to be used for precise measurements. A Digital Length Gage offers high-accuracy and precision sensors for the entire range in length that needs to be measured. It is guaranteed with consistently high accuracy and for longer usage with high thermal stability.

It allows measurement at different length, thickness, range, and always delivers results in high quality and accurate measurement. We, at, provide different digital length gages for you to choose from.

What are its Uses

Digital Length Gages make it easy, fast, and accurate to measure lengths of our customer's products. In the past, measuring practices for longer lengths required our customers to use very large and cumbersome to work with calipers, or rules and scales to measure fastener lengths. It was a slow, tiresome and awkward process with high-risk for human error.

The Digital Length Gage is perfect for commercial and industrial applications that need precise measurements of plastic and aluminum extrusions, pipe, hose, and tubing. It can measure up to three decimal places with the length up to four meters long, but is also available in custom lengths to match a customer's application. An LED display makes the measurement results easy to read.

Additionally, it features incremental and absolute display, resets the scale at any point, memory datum point, recall function, and available in different lengths.

Length Gages Features

There are different applications for Digital Length Gages. It is used to measure thin sheets -an essential step before it is being cut, measuring Brake Lines - allows the length measurement of the brake line with accurate fitting, round bar, and tube measurements, and length gage with incorporated tables.

The Digital Length Gages also offer additional features, like an optional USB Interface Cable to easily transfer data to your computer. The USB Interface Cable is plugged into your tool and the measurement result is transferred to a PC in a keyboard like setting. You can easily store and record data in any of your preferred digital storage software because these USB Interface Cables will work with ANY Windows-based software.

A Digital Length Gage is a great alternative to calipers in measuring the length of longer materials. It also offers larger anvils and a non-marring surface to rest the materials on when being measured. This option eliminates errors from misaligned tools during the measurement process.

It features an easy to read LCD with digital readout, offers measurement in a fractional, inch, and mm display. It also has adjustable parameters for datum, offsets, and presets, with Ultra High Molecular Weight for the standard base material. The UHMW Polyethylene base has a high resistance to abrasion.

The Digital Length Gages from includes Certificates of Calibration, with specifications included for different measuring range, resolution, accuracy, and standard size anvil. We also dedicate our services beyond our products and makes it easy for our clients to buy the best measuring equipment. We offer a variety of packages that can take your measuring data and transfer it to your computer for storage. We provide simple products that are functional with the best value possible.

Digital Length Gages from are so easy to use once you receive delivery you will be ready to start measuring products. There is no on-site installation necessary.

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