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In choosing the type of gage equipment or device, there is one thing that a consumer should always consider – quality. The product quality does not only pertain to the capacity and endurance of the product to serve your needs for a longer period, but it is also measured based on the expertise of the manufacturer or the source company.

This is why Gaging and Software Technologies, Inc. created, with the aim to distribute the best and leading qualities of precision measuring devices and gage interface equipment worldwide. To extensively cater our service, we can also provide you with a vast collection of SPC software as well as data collection hardware that is sourced from multi-national companies and some of the most trusted manufacturers of gage products such as Mitutoyo, INSIZE, Starrett, Brown and Sharpe, Ono Sokki, Fowler, Prolink and SPI companies.

Our aim and ultimate goal are to accurately provide and ensure manufacturing solutions with the highest quality of products in order to achieve a two-way success for both the customer and the product resource.

Our Products

We have multiple selections of gages, data collection hardware, shop equipment, optics and visuals, and machine accessories.

Gage Interface Box

We offer a wide variety of Gage Interface Boxes on to help meet our customer's requirements. If you are looking for a single gage interface box, Mitutoyo offers a USB Data Input Tool that is a Single Gage Interface Box. This device connects to your PC's USB port, and allows you to connect a Mitutoyo gage with a Mitutoyo SPC Cable to the USB Data Input Tool. By simply pressing either the Data Send button your gage, or the Data Send button on your USB Data Input Tool, the data is transferred to your PC just like a keyboard entry, allowing you to send data to ANY Windows-based software.

The next step up would be a 2-port, 4-port, or an 8-port Gage Interface Box, allowing you to connect 1 gage and SPC Cable to each port. These Multi-Gage Interface Boxes are available in Standard models as well as Keyboard Style models.

  • The Standard Model of Gage Interface Boxes are designed to work with SPC software packages. These data collection software systems already have gage interface software utilities built in to the SPC Software, allowing the software to have a more thorough set of communication capabilities with the Gage Interface Box.
  • The Keyboard Style Gage Interface Box is a more universal type of box that allows your gages to be able to send data to ANY Windows-based software. These types of Gage Interface Boxes are extremely popular with customers looking to send data into MS Excel because they are simple to install and use, and there is no additional software required.

Gage to USB Direct Cables

Another simple to use solution to be able to collect data from a single gage is a Gage to USB Direct Cable. These cables connect your gage directly to a PC's USB port, and converts the incoming data to a keyboard entry, allowing you to send data to ANY Windows-based software. We offer Mitutoyo USB Direct Cables as well as a variety of USB Direct Cables for non-Mitutoyo gages.


If you are just putting together a Data Collection System, or your already have SPC Software and you need a specific type of Gage Interface Box, let us know and we can offer several different types of Gage Interface Solutions that will best work with your application. We also offer a variety of Gage Interface Box accessories, including any SPC Cables or Footswitches that you might need.

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