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Which of our Gage Interface Packages is for You?

The fast-paced computer-based devices nowadays make it essential for most tools to be integrated into a computer. It offers a wide range of advantages such as digital storage, easy input of data, and lesser risk for human error. At, we specialize in offering precision measuring equipment and Data Collection packages for data transfer to computers. We are the first company in this industry to offer Gage Interface Packages that allow you to send data directly to your PC.

What is a Gage Interface Package?

Gage Interface is the integration of data collection from your precision tools and transferring seamlessly to the software on your computer. We offer simple to use solutions that will best fit your application, allowing you to measure your products, and then simply press a single button or footswitch to send the data in a fast and effective manner to your software of choice.

Through the years of providing services, we have developed skills and knowledge of a variety of methods of Data Collection and we impart these to our clients. We evolve our products to provide convenience and high-accuracy in transferring accurate data to your PC or computer. Once the data is transferred, either by a USB interface or a wireless connection, your data will be placed into your preferred software like Windows MS Excel, or a Statistical Process Control (SPC) software.

Too often we heard customers tell us it was confusing trying to determine what SPC Cable is needed for their gage, and what Gage Interface Box would work for their application. We listened to our customers, so we decided to create Gage Interface Packages to make it easy for our customers to be able to purchase with confidence a package that will include a precision measuring gage that they need, along with any hardware and / or software that is necessary to send data to their PC's software.

Our Gage Interface Packages can be as simple as a gage and a USB Direct Cable, or it might include a footswitch, or even all the accessories required to send data wirelessly to your PC. Simply put, we have a variety of Gage Interface Packages available to meet just about any data collection need.

Our Gage Interface Products

Choosing the correct interface equipment can be daunting. We have compiled some of our products below so you can easily classify their purpose.

USB Data Input Tools - This is a USB gage interface that connects a gage and SPC cable directly to your PC using the USB connection. Once connected, the data data shown on the gage can be sent by pressing the gage's data send button which will send the data through the SPC cable to the USB Data Input Tool which will convert the data to a Keyboard Style entry, and then send the data to ANY Windows-based software on your computer. You can also use an optional footswitch to trigger the data send. You can store all of your incoming data into any software such as Windows MS Excel, or your favorite SPC Software.

SPC Cables - Each gage usually requires its own specific SPC Cable, and there are a variety of SPC cables listed that can be used to connect a single gage to a Gage Interface, whether it be a USB Data Input Tool or a Multi-Gage Interface Box. These SPC cables range from 1m to 2m lengths.

Gage Interface Box - We have a wide selection of gage interface boxes for you to choose from. It offers you more solutions and simple ways of transferring data through the use of the correct Gage Interface Box. The box works with digital gages and sends the data to your preferred PC software.

USB Direct Cable - These cables are the easiest way to connect and send data to your computer-based software such as Windows Microsoft Excel. No need for extra software, just connect the USB cable to your computer's USB port and Windows will recognize it as a keyboard device. Voila! Your data transfer starts right away once connected, allowing you to send your measuring data to any Microsoft Windows-based software program.

At, we pride ourselves in providing these innovative gage interface packages that adapt to our client's needs and demands. These packages are easy to install, and even easier to use.

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