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Granite Surface Plates

Looking for accurate precision equipment and measuring software can be a tough job especially without appropriate knowledge and sources about these things. Hence, in order to cater to the needs of our customers along with the general public, offers a great deal of precision measuring devices, data collection software, and shop equipment like Granite Surface Plates.

Often we find that the proper precision measuring process begins with a stable, flat surface to perform your measurements on. Granite is one of the best materials available today to meet the ever changing and sophisticated applications demanding coplanarity, perpendicularity, parallelism, flatness, and straightness, but it is most often chosen for its stability and high accuracies. With the Granite Surface Plates we offer, you can depend on excellent quality, high accuracies, and quick delivery.

Our Granite Surface Plates are manufactured to meet or exceed the tolerances specified by ASME B89.3.7-2013 and Federal Specification GGG-P-463c. A Calibration Certificate is included with every surface plate guaranteeing overall surface flatness and repeat gage measurements, and is traceable to N.I.S.T. or equivalent National or International Organization, complies with, ANSI/NCSL Z540-1and ISO 10012 in accordance with our ISO 9001 certified quality system. Long-form certification is available.

Our Granite Surface Plates are made of black granite which is stronger and denser than light colored granite, and more stable. The granite properties determine the stiffness of the granite so accuracies can be guaranteed with less thickness than other types of granite. This translates to less freight and handling whenever the plate is shipped or moved.

Our Granite Surface Plates are available in 3 different grades…

  • AA Grade (Laboratory Grade)
    • High precision operations in temperature controlled gauging rooms and metrology departments
  • A Grade (Inspection Grade)
    • General Quality Control Use
  • B Grade (Toolroom Grade)
    • ShopWork and Production Checking

Ledges for Clamping

Most people think of Granite Surface Plates as having straight, flat sides. That is the standard 0-Ledge Granite Surface Plate. Most of our Granite Surface plates also are available with shorter, notched-out sides that allowing for clamping of products to the granite.

Granite Surface Plates Ledges are described as follows...

  • 0-Ledge
    • Standard, flat sides
  • 2-Ledge
    • Shorter sides on the left and right sides only
  • 4-Ledge
    • Shorter sides on the left and right as well as front and back

Steel Granite Surface Plate Stands

The ASME B89.3.7-2013 and Fed. Spec. GGG-P-463c recommends three fixed points to support the surface plate and minimize sag and warp. Our Granite Surface Plates are marked on the bottom of the plate to coincide with the supports on the top of the stand. When aligned with each other they uphold the accuracy of the plate.
Our Granite Surface Plates Stands are manufactured to support the weight of the surface plate plus 50 pounds per square foot load. Stands are made for each plate to meet a 36” working height unless specified otherwise.

These Granite Surface Plate Stands are available as either Stationary Stands or as Castered Stands with Locking Casters. The Castered Stands include 2 locking swivel and 2 rigid casters to allow the plate and stand to be easily moved into its correction position. The Granite Surface Plate can be leveled with the bolts on the top of the stands.

We also offer Covers for Granite Surface Plates. Click here for more information.

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