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Mitutoyo Microcord LEGEX Series CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine CMM

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World's leading measurement accuracy of E0,MPE=0.28+L/1000 is achieved.
Mitutoyo Microcord LEGEX 574 CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine CMM
Mitutoyo Microcord LEGEX 776 CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine CMM
Mitutoyo Microcord LEGEX 9106 CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine CMM


Evolving technology Thorough analysis and elimination of error factors, PART ONE:


High Rigidity

The base of the LEGEX is made from special spheroidal graphite ductile cast iron to a sealed-structure design that provides high rigidity and vibration attenuating characteristics. Mitutoyo engineers used FEM analysis during the design phase to optimize the final configuration and ensure outstanding geometric accuracy by minimizing deformations caused by normal machine operation.

Mitutoyo FEM Structural Analysis Simulation

*Spheroidal graphite ductile cast iron*

Cast iron is an alloy of iron, carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, and traces of other elements, and exhibits characteristic properties due to the carbon being distributed throughout the metal in the form of graphite. Ductile cast iron is created by spheroidizing the graphite by adding magnesium alloy to the melt. Compared with normal cast iron, it has great tensile strength, is relatively tough, and has excellent machinability and wear resistance. Ductile cast iron is thus used for components such as automotive parts. LEGEX employs FCD600 ductile cast iron but made in such a way as to eliminate blow holes and pin holes (defects) of 0.1mm or larger.
Cast iron LEGEX CMM

Integrated Y-axis guide rail

To further increase rigidity and thermal stability, the Y-axis guide rail

is integrated with the main unit base.

Ceramic plasma spraying for each axis sliding section

Ceramic plasma spraying is applied to sliding sections for the Y-axis guide rail, X-axis beam, and Z-axis spindle, creating surfaces suitable for highly accurate air-bearing operation. It also produces excellent corrosion resistance.

Integrated Y-Axis guide rail diagram

Vibration attenuation

The LEGEX structure quickly attenuates traverse-induced vibrations and so reduces any adverse effect on measurements. 

This characteristic also allows ultra-high scanning accuracy to be realized.

Vibration Damping Unit Positioning


Ceramic Coated is standard US product.

Vibration Damping Unit Positioning

Evolving technology Thorough analysis and elimination of error factors, PART TWO:


Pitch and yaw errors practically eliminated

The LEGEX uses a fixed-bridge type structure. This is the ideal CMM architecture and virtually eliminates pitch and yaw errors. Most other CMMs use a moving-bridge design with a single drive unit under the column, which tends to cause yawing and pitching during slide movements.

  • Fixed-bridge type structure.
  • Moving-bridge type structure.
  • The center of gravity of a moving bridge moves according to the X-axis motion. This movement of the bridge center of gravity changes the load distribution and therefore alters the consequential deformations.

Analysis and Elimination Diagram


X- and Y-axis independence and a ‘center of gravity’ type drive system

The fixed-bridge design of the LEGEX allows the axes to operate totally independently. Movement of the X-axis slide does not change the loading on the Y-axis slide, and so does not cause deformation. 

Also, the ‘center of gravity’ type drive system places the drive units near the center of gravity of each slide. This feature allows very high speed, highly accurate measurements by reducing inertia-induced deflections during acceleration and deceleration.

Dynamic Accuracy Diagram Diagram


Isolating floor vibration

The LEGEX is hardened against floor induced vibration by use of ‘air-damped spring isolators’ with an auto-leveling function. This virtually eliminates factory floor vibrations from the entire machine structure.

Floating mechanism reduces internal VIBRATION

To reduce the effects of internally generated vibration, the LEGEX uses a special floating mechanism to couple each ballscrew to its guide block. This isolates the slide from the servo motor as it turns the ballscrew and thus prevents transmission of motor vibrations, especially during acceleration and deceleration.

Floating Mechanism Ball Screw
Mitutoyo Legex 776 CMM
Dynamic Accuracy Diagram Diagram
Special Floating Mechanism Diagram

Evolving technology Thorough analysis and elimination of error factors, PART THREE:


Linear glass scales with virtually zero thermal expansion coefficient

The LEGEX is equipped with crystallized-glass scales with a

resolution of 0.01μm and an ultra-low linear expansion coefficient of 0.01 x 10-6/K. This virtually zero thermal expansion coefficient means the LEGEX can maintain its extreme accuracy in spite of thermal changes.

The scales are also mounted in a unique new way that reduces the hysteresis error to 1/5 that of previous models. The graphs below show the reduction in hysteresis error that results from this new mounting method.


Effective over the 18ºC to 22ºC (64.4ºF to 71.6ºF) temperature range

While conventional very high accuracy CMMs require fairly strict temperature controlled environments, the LEGEX has been designed to improve the thermal stability of each component to minimize deformation. In addition, temperature sensors on each axis and for the workpiece itself detect temperature changes in real time and are used to compensate back to size at 20ºC.

Length Standard & Temperature Compensation Diagram


Our proprietary control unit has been upgraded with sophisticated control technology that uses a new algorithm. A newly developed high-resolution linear encoder is also used to achieve higher accuracy.

Mitutoyo Motherboard


An optional accuracy checking accessory

Zero Cera Block

Mitutoyo offers a special check standard that matches the characteristics of the LEGEX scales. This optional accessory uses ultra-low-expansion ceramic gauge blocks with a thermal expansion coefficient in the temperature range 20±1ºC less than 1/500 that of steel (0±0.02×10-6/K(20ºC)). Using this ZERO CERA BLOCK standard provides a customer with the means to check the measuring accuracy of their LEGEX at any time, and so gain insight into how often their machine should be calibrated and adjusted by Mitutoyo. All gauge blocks in the standard are measured by interferometer to 0.00001mm resolution in Mitutoyo’s Accredited Calibration Laboratory (JCSS No. 0030).


An optional accuracy enhancing accessory

Generally speaking, temperature compensation and thermally insensitive materials can widen the usable range of ambient temperature and gradients. To eliminate a common source of temperature variation, the LEGEX incorporates a special air-server. In addition to the standard air cleaning and drying functions, this air server stabilizes the temperature of air drawn from the factory air supply to 20ºC±0.1ºC. 

In combination with the machine-enclosure design and thermally insensitive glass scales, temperature-stabilized air supplied to the air bearings can produce the exceptional thermal isolation needed for low measuring uncertainties. This air supply is also used for the MPP-300 probe to provide stabilized scanning.

IDH4 Air-server



Mitutoyo Controlled Open System for Modular Operation Support

A wide variety of software modules for each manufacturing step, from design to production and to inspection, are available. In addition to a quality assurance module, they also include modules that support various types of CAD data processing, in-line measurement, data feedback, and process management.

MCOSMOS Software

System performance from every viewpoint

Performance features of standard software modules.

Module configurations

MCOSMOS has three module configurations, from the basic MCOSMOS 1 to the advanced MCOSMOS 3. This enables a choice of appropriate functionality for your current measurement applications now with the ability to expand, if needed, in the future.

Other optional software modules

A wide variety of optional software packages that meet customer needs is available, including MAFIS Express for evaluating the shape of an airfoil, GEARPAK for evaluating gear measurements, FORMPAK-CMM, ROUNDPAK-CMM, and the MeasurLink statistical processing program.

Software Chart

Probes and accessories

High accuracy combined with wide measuring range Best suited for highly accurate measurement of large workpieces


Ultra High-Accuracy Scanning

The MPP-310Q is a multi-functional probe designed for CNC coordinate measuring machines. It can not only perform a continuous path contact type scanning measurement [a measurement method that implements a collection of a large amount of coordinate data while traveling along a continuous path in contact with the workpiece] at V2≤0.3μm*, but also high-accuracy point measurement of ≤0.1μm, and data collection from a centering point measurement.

* V2 (VDI2617) filtering is used with a standard stylus: 20°C, reference displacement: 0.25mm, measurement speed: 3mm/sec, using a ø45 ring gage

MPP-310Q Probe

Omni-directional scanning

The MPP-310Q has internal high-accuracy scales with a resolution of 0.01μm in each direction (X, Y, and Z axes), which makes it possible to read the stylus displacement in any direction. The air bearing employed in the sliding section of each axis helps provide this probe with minimum directionality.

Low measuring force

MPP-310Q can reduce its measuring force to a minimum of 0.03N so that it can even measure elastic workpieces such as resins, etc., without damaging them at all.

Fast scanning

MPP-310Q can perform fast scanning at 120mm/s. For example, it completes a measurement in just a few seconds even if it is required to measure an inside diameter of 100 mm using 1000 measurement points. In addition, measurement can be pursued effectively while changing the scanning speed, depending on the measurement accuracy required.

High speed scanning measurement diagram
Specifications Chart of LEGEX CMMs
Probes Diagram
Probes Diagram

MRT320 Rotary table

The LEGEX can be used with the MRT320 rotary table as the 4th axis. It is very efficient for gear, cylinder cam and impeller measurements.

MRT320 Rotary Table Specifications
MRT320 Close up

Technical Data
Dimensions of LEGEX CMM
Technical Data Chart

Dimensions of Legex CMM
Specifications Chart of LEGEX CMMs
Specifications Chart of LEGEX CMMs

Introduction to LEGEX 12128

LEGEX 12128

Note: This machine incorporates a main unit Startup system (relocation detection system), which disables operation when an unexpected vibration is applied or the machine is relocated. Be sure to contact your nearest Mitutoyo Sales Office prior to relocating this machine after initial installation.

Specifications of the Legex 12128

CMM Stylus Tip

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