STRATO-Apex Series:

A state-of-the-art CNC coordinate measuring machine that achieves high accuracy combined with high-speed operation

The high drive speed and acceleration guarantee top scanning performance in a machine that also offers high-accuracy measuring in the 1 μm class

Mitutoyo STRATO-Apex Series CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine CMM

Precise + Effective + Absolute

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Improved machine rigidity

High speed and accuracy in measurement is ensured by a redesign of the machine body that has improved rigidity of the structure, and by a remodeled guide mechanism

Newly developed, built-in, high-performance controller

Uses a digital servo system that processes all control loops for position, speed, and current as digital positioned controller. signals. 

The digital servo system offers the following benefits: 

1) Little drift or deterioration with time 

2) Wide dynamic range 

3) Easy implementation of various types of control algorithm

Mitutoyo STRATO-Apex Series CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine CMM

Scanning measurement technology

High-performance scanning measurement has been achieved through the improved structural rigidity and incorporation of a newly developed compensation technology.

Maximum permissible scanning probing error: MPETHP = 1.3 μm (STRATO-Apex 574)

Maximum permissible scanning test time MPTtHP = 40 sec (STRATO-Apex 574)

(cf. Existing FALCIO Series: MPETHP = 2.2 μm) MPTtHP = 110 sec.) 

Internal heat generation minimized

• The controller is positioned outside the main unit, thereby eliminating the effect of the generated heat on the main unit. 

• Compact layout has been achieved, resulting in a small footprint, even with the externally • Uses a digital servo system that processes all control loops for position, speed, and current as digital positioned controller.

Ultra-high precision glass scales

An ultra-high precision crystallized glass scale which has practically no thermal expansion (coefficient of linear expansion 0.01×10-6/ °C) is combined with a high-performance reflective linear encoder with resolution of 2/100 μm to create the ultra-high accuracy measurement unit installed on each axis of STRATO-Apex

This is basically the same unit as used in the LEGEX Series of ultra-high accuracy CNC coordinate measuring machines. (Applies to STRATO-Apex 700/900 Series). 

A unique securing method used for the scales minimizes the hysteresis error that can result from the difference in the coefficients of linear expansion between the installation plane and scale.

Glass Scales

Vibration-damping unit included as a standard accessory

Vibration of the floor where the unit is installed shows up as measurement value variations. The STRATO-Apex Series comes equipped with a vibration-damping unit that uses auto-leveling air springs.

The vibration-damping unit not only prevents floor vibrations from reaching the main unit, but also has a function that uses a sensor to detect load changes caused by movements of the individual axes and placement of a workpiece and quickly restores the main unit to horizontal orientation.

Vibration Damping Unit
Vibration Damping Unit Positioning

STRATO-Apex 574 series

Length measurement error of E0, MPE=0.7 + 2.5L/1000 (μm)

Mitutoyo STRATO-Apex 574 CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine CMM
Mitutoyo STRATO-Apex 574 Diagram CMM


Mitutoyo STRATO-Apex 574 CMM Specifications
Mitutoyo STRATO-Apex 574 CMM Specifications

Note: This machine incorporates a main unit Startup system (relocation detection system), which disable operation when an unexpected vibration is applied or the machine is relocated. Be sure to contact us prior to relocating this machine after initial installation.

STRATO-Apex 700/900 series

Providing the High Speed and Accuracy in Moving-Bridge Type Coordinate Measuring Machines 

Integration of Key Measurement Technologies

Mitutoyo STRATO-Apex 776 & 9106 CMM
Mitutoyo STRATO-Apex Dimensions

Dimensions of the STRATO-Apex 700/900 Series

Mitutoyo STRATO-Apex Dimensions


Mitutoyo STRATO-Apex 776, 7106, 9106, 9166 Specifications
Mitutoyo STRATO-Apex 776, 7106, 9106, 9166 Specifications

Note: This machine incorporates a main unit Startup system (relocation detection system), which disable operation when an unexpected vibration is applied or the machine is relocated. Be sure to contact us prior to relocating this machine after initial installation.

STRATO-Apex 1600 Series

High accuracy combined with wide measuring range Best suited for highly accurate measurement of large workpieces

Mitutoyo STRATO-Apex 1600 CMM
Mitutoyo STRATO-Apex 1600 CMM Length Measurement Error

Dimensions of the STRATO-Apex 1600 Series

Mitutoyo STRATO-Apex 1600 CMM Dimensions Chart


Mitutoyo STRATO-Apex 1600 CMM Specifications
Mitutoyo STRATO-Apex 1600 CMM Specifications

Note: This machine incorporates a main unit Startup system (relocation detection system), which disable operation when an unexpected vibration is applied or the machine is relocated. Be sure to contact us prior to relocating this machine after initial installation.

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Application software that offers both functionality and operability.

We offer an extensive lineup of application software for generating measurement programs automatically and performing evaluations using CAD. From simple to complex measurements, they can resolve any measurement issues that our customers may encounter.

Mitutoyo Software Options


Freeform Surface Evaluation Program

CAT1000S Diagram

Checks and compares the workpiece with the CAD data containing freeform surfaces and directly outputs the results in the form of CAD data in various formats. Software to directly convert from/to various types of CAD data is available as an option.


High-functionality general-purpose measurement program.

GEOPAK Diagram

This module is the heart of the MCOSMOS software system and is used to measure and analyze geometric elements. All the functions are provided by icons or pull-down menus, so even novices can promptly select desired functions. Its main features include easier viewing of measuring procedures and results such as realtime graphic display of measurement results and a function for direct call-up of elements from results graphics.


Offline Teaching Program

CAT1000P Diagram

This module enables the user to use CAD data and on-screen simulation to create parts programs for making automated measurements (offline teaching). This module allows the user to begin creating a parts program as soon as the design data has been finalized, shortening the entire process.


Non-Contact Laser Measurement and Evaluation Program

MSURF Diagram

MSURF-S is used for obtaining measured point cloud data with the SurfaceMeasure (non-contact laser probe), while MSURF-I is used for comparing this data with the master model data, and for making dimensional measurements. Furthermore, MSURF-G for offline teaching allows the user to create a measurement macro even without the actual workpiece, improving the measuring machine's uptime.


Contour Measurement Program


Software for scanning and evaluating workpiece contours (2D). Evaluates contour tolerance between measurement data and design data, and performs various types of element and interelement calculations based on a desired range of measurement data specified by the user.


Gear Measurement and Evaluation Software for CNC Coordinate Measuring Machines


A 3D model created from the provided gear specifications enables you to visually and easily check whether measurement will be performed as intended. Furthermore, automatic program creation and on-screen measurement guidance help quick and easy setting of the coordinate system.


Statistical-Processing and Process-Controlling Program


Performs various types of statistical computations using measurement results. In addition, by displaying a control diagram on a real-time basis, this program allows defects that may occur in the future (e.g., wear or damage to cutting tools) to be discovered early on. This program can also be linked to a higher-level network environment to build a central control system.


Scanning Probe

MPP-310Q Diagram

A probe that collects coordinate values (point cloud data) at high accuracy by moving at speeds of up to of 120 mm/s while in contact with the workpiece. Because MPP- 310Q can also be used with the rotary table (MRT320) for synchronous scanning, it is effective for measuring gears, blades, ball screws, cylindrical cams, etc.

MiCAT Planner

Automatic Measurement Program Generation Software


This software package dramatically reduces part-programming creation time by automatically generating the part program. Tolerance information from a 3D CAD model is read to determine which features of the part should be measured to verify conformance to specification. Compared to conventional methods (teaching), this method creates more-efficient measurement programs as well as saving time.


Compact High-Accuracy Scanning Probe

SP25M Diagram

This is a compact, high accuracy, multi-function scanning probe with a 25-mm outside diameter that makes scanning measurements, high-accuracy point measurements, and centripetal point measurements (optional function). The SP25M is used with the PH10MQ/10M auto probe head to provide a high degree of measurement freedom.


Vision Probe

QVP Diagram

This probe automatically detects edges from image data of the workpiece magnified by a CCD camera. It is extremely useful for measuring microfabricated products that cannot be measured using a contact-type probe and soft objects that cannot be subjected to any measurement force. The QVP can also be used for measuring height based on autofocusing.

SurfaceMeasure Series

Non-Contact Laser Probe


A lightweight, high-performance, non-contact probe developed for CNC coordinate measuring machines. Powder spray-less measurement has been achieved through automatic setting of appropriate laser intensity and camera sensitivity according to environment or material, providing a simpler and more comfortable laser scanning environment.


Probe for surface roughness measurement


The SURFTEST PROBE is a highly sensitive detector for measuring surface roughness using a CNC coordinate measuring machine. It is compatible with automatic probe-changing systems and therefore can be handled just as easily as the usual touch trigger or scanning probes. This new probe provides the ability to perform combined, automatic measurement of dimension, form and surface roughness on one machine at one setup. Mitutoyo will endeavor to meet requests for assistance with custom measurement applications by providing dedicated software making best use of its wide range of optional detectors.

Condition Monitor

Conduct preventive maintenance through monitoring

Condition Monitor Diagram


Probe for Effective Screw Depth Measurement

The probe that made it possible for a coordinate measuring machine to measure effective screw depth for the first time. The introduction of the auto probe changing system allows normal dimensional measurements as well as effective screw depth measurements to be made automatically.

MPP-10 Diagram


Can remotely monitor measuring machines.

• Collects and visualizes operational

status data

• Supports MT Connect communication

Status Monitor MT Connect
Status Monitor MT Connect Diagram

CMM Stylus Tip

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Apart from the basics of calibration and repair,

Mitutoyo offers product and metrology training,

as well as IT support for the sophisticated software

used in modern measuring technology. 

Mitutoyo can also design, build, test and deliver measuring solutions and even, if deemed cost-effective, take your critical measurement challenges in-house on a sub-contract basis.

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