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05CZA663 Mitutoyo Micrometer SPC Cable 2m Mitutoyo SPC Cable Mitutoyo

05CZA663 Mitutoyo Micrometer SPC Cable 2m

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Product Description

Mitutoyo Digital Micrometer 80" SPC Cable

  • This 2 meter data cable from Mitutoyo is designed for transferring measurements from compatible Mitutoyo digital micrometers to a computer or data collection device. It features a 10-pin Mitutoyo Digimatic connector on one end to interface with the micrometer. The other end has a waterproof B-type connector with an output button to connect to the data collection device. With this cable, users can transmit micrometer measurements directly to software, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Works with Mitutoyo Digital Micrometers

Connects your gage to any of the following...

  • Mitutoyo USB Data Input Tool
  • Gage Interface Box
  • Keyboard Style Gage Interface Box

Includes Data Send Button