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06AFM386 USB-ITPAK Software Mitutoyo USB Direct Cables Mitutoyo

06AFM386 USB-ITPAK Software

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Product Description

Mitutoyo Measurement Collection Software

Although measurement data can be simply loaded directly into an Excel spreadsheet by connecting Mitutoyo gages and USB Direct Cables to a computer, using the optional USB-ITPAK software enables time saving operations and procedures that significantly improve reliability and efficiency.

Major Features...

  • Excel input settings: The input destination (a workbook, sheet, or cell), cell-fill direction (right or down), cell-fill interval, and other settings can be specified.
  • Measurement method selection: Any of the following three methods can be selected: Sequential measurement, batch measurement, or individual measurement.
  • Data input control: Data can be requested, canceled, or skipped by using mouse buttons, function keys, or foot switch.
  • Character string input by the USB foot switch adapter, USB-FSW: Any previously specified character string can be input using the foot switch. Examples: pass or fail
  • Number of units that can be connected (total number for both USB-ITN and USB-FSW): Up to 20 units can be connected for Windows Vista or Windows 7, and up to 100 units can be connected for Windows 2000 or Windows XP. However, the above numbers might be less depending on the system configuration.
  • Data importation time: About 0.2 to 0.3 seconds per unit. However, this value differs depending on the connected measuring instruments and measurement environment.
  • Driver software: The VCP (virtual COM port) drivers for USB-ITN and USB-FSW are individually recognized using a built-in COM number.

?ÿMitutoyo USB-ITN Brochure: Click Here