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06AFM380C Mitutoyo Caliper USB Input Tool Direct Cable, Type C USB Direct Interface Cables Mitutoyo

06AFM380C Mitutoyo Caliper USB Input Tool Direct Cable, Type C

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Product Description

Mitutoyo USB Input Tool Direct Cable Series

The Mitutoyo USB Input Tool Direct Cable allows for convenient connection of Mitutoyo digital calipers, micrometers, and other USB-compatible measuring tools directly to a PC. With no data logger required, these cables enable fast, simple data transfer for real-time measurement reading, data collection, and SPC analysis. Offered in 2m length, Mitutoyo's USB input tool cables feature a USB plug on one end and a Mitutoyo Digimatic instrument connection on the other.

Durable cable construction stands up to demanding measuring applications while the USB connectivity provides a reliable, standardized interface between measuring instruments and computers. Compatible with popular statistical software, the Mitutoyo USB Input Tool Direct Cables represent an efficient solution for integrating digital measuring tools into statistical process control workflows.

Mitutoyo 06AFM380C Type C:

Connects to a Mitutoyo 500-series Caliper

This cable connects your Mitutoyo Gage directly to a PC's USB port and allows you to start sending data to any Window's based software right away.

Overall Cable Length is 2m (79")

No software wedge to purchase.

Once the cable is plugged in to your PC's USB port, Microsoft Windows will recognize this as a Human Interface Device (HID - Keyboard), so there is no extra software program to purchase, install, or have running.

The incoming data from your Mitutoyo Digital Caliper is treated like a keyboard entry, so wherever you can type in data is where your gage's incoming data will be placed. This allows you to send data directly into ANY Windows-based software programs like MS Excel or even SPC Data Collection software.