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11-967-7 SPI Cable & USB Gage Interface USB Direct Interface Cables SPI

11-967-7 SPI Cable & USB Gage Interface

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USB Gage Interface & SPC Cable for SPI Gages

Send data directly to Excel---No Software Wedge Required

This USB Direct Cable single gage interface connects the SPI's Electronic Digital Caliper models...

  • 11-962-8
  • 11-963-6
  • 11-964-4

This gage interface connects directly to the device, no additional cables required. The output of the USB Direct Cable gage interface is a standard USB 2.0 keyboard signal, so the incoming data will be treated by Windows just like it was typed in on a keyboard.

Connecting the USB Direct Cable with its built-in keyboard wedge to a computer will allow the USB Direct Cable gage interface to be identified as a keyboard device that can send data to any Microsoft Windows application - no software wedge required. The USB Direct Cable gage interface will make the gage readings appear as if they were typed in using a standard keyboard - eliminates data acquisition errors. If you want to collect data into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or Explorer based SPC programs, simply select the cell where you want the data to appear.

Simple to install! Simple to use!