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1162-125A-USB INSIZE Electronic Disk Brake Caliper 5

1162-125A-USB INSIZE Electronic Disk Brake Caliper 5" to USB Package

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Product Description

INSIZE Electronic Disc Brake Caliper to USB Package

This Electronic Caliper with micrometer-type anvils at the tips of the jaws make this caliper perfect for measuring the thickness of disk brakes or other hard to reach surfaces.

The included USB Direct Cable allows you to send data to your PC through a USB port. The incoming data will be treated like a keyboard entry, so you can send data to ANY Windows-based software.

Caliper Features include...

  • 0-5" / 0-125mm Measuring Range
  • 0.0005" / 0.01mm Resolution
  • Accuracy: + 0.0020"
  • 2.56" Diameter Tips
  • Stationary Pointed Tip: 0.728" length
  • Movable Tip: 0.551" length
  • Buttons: on/off, zero, in/mm
  • Auto Power Off
  • SPC Output
  • Stainless Steel construction

Includes USB Direct Cable.