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12-364-6 SPI Zero-Set Plus Holder Indicator Holder SPI

12-364-6 SPI Zero-Set Plus Holder

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Zero-Set for Test Indicator

  • €œZero-Set€� is specially designed for test indicators with dovetails and functions as a quick and practical work positioning device.
  • Setting up a workpiece before machining, or aligning the center of a round workpiece in relation to the cutting head, takes virtually no time with €œZero-Set.€�
  • Attach €œZero-Set€� directly to the collet, then zero-in the work position by reading the test indicator.
  • The hardened clamping post consists of three O.D.€™s, from top, 1�„4", 3�„8" and 1�„2" and has hardness of approximately 58 to 60 RC.
  • The illustration indicates the alignment of a workpiece in relation to the cutting head.
  • It reaches anywhere within a 8" diameter and fine-adjusts about 3�„8" with a large knurled knob.
  • €œZero-Set€� can also be adapted to transfer stands for closer control of the test indicator (in the horizontal direction).
  • "Zero-Set" attachment allows for the placement of any test indicator equipped with dovetails or 1�„4" posts in a multitude of positions and angles up to 90° on either side, bending both forward and backward.