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12-503-9 SPI Toolmaker's Microscope Toolmakers Microscopes SPI

12-503-9 SPI Toolmaker's Microscope

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Product Description

2" x 2" Stage w/Dial Mic Heads

  • 15X Eyepiece Lens & 2X Objective Lens
  • 90 degree broken cross-hair reticle
  • 67mm working distance
  • Crossed roller bearings and keyway stage construction ensure a true linear traverse in X and Y axis.
  • Large dovetail assures 2 axis squareness in relation to the stage surface.
  • The Eyepiece protractor is graduated in 1 degree.
  • The eyepiece and angle can be measured in 6 minutes.

Features of the Micrometer Heads...

  • 1" Measuring Range
  • Bi-directional graduation for versatile measurement.
  • Provided with non-rotation spindle tip.
  • Floating thimble allows zero setting at any spindle position.
  • Graduations: 0.0001"