14-476-6 SPI Digital Positioning Indicator

14-476-6 SPI Digital Positioning Indicator

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Digital Alignment & Positioning Indicator

Advanced concept in finding zero, the true starting point of all 3-axes (X-Y-Z) on workpieces.

Probe actually gets deflected in any of the 3 axes until indicator reaches centerline. At this point the workface (edge) is in direct line with the spindle.

Radial run-out compensation.

With the 3D tester centered in a tool holder, the workpiece edge can be positively picked up in one approach. No guessing as with electronic edge finders.

Can be used on conductive and non-conductive workpieces.

Electrically insulated contact point for safe applications on all CNC centers and EDM machines.

31mm Length x 4mm diameter stylus.

3/4" shank