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17-557-0 SPI Dial Bore Gage 2.00

17-557-0 SPI Dial Bore Gage 2.00" - 6.00", .0005" Grad

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Product Description

SPI Dial Bore Gage Set

These Dial Bore Gage Sets allow for close tolerance inspection of bores for size, ovality, roundness, and taper.

Specifications include...

  • 2" - 6" Measuring Range
  • 0.0005" Graduations
  • 6" Depth Reach
  • 11 Anvils

Features include...

  • AGD group 2 dial indicator is fully protected by rugged cover to minimize potential shock in the
    machine shop environment.
  • Various anvil sizes are provided in each set to achieve desired measurement range. Spacers also included for fine adjustment.
  • 2 point measurement with precision wheel guide for self-centering.
  • Precise range setting with plain ring gage or micrometer.
  • Indicator accuracy meets or exceeds federal standards.
  • Furnished in fitted case