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264-505A Mitutoyo DP-1VA Data Printer - Data Logger Portable Data Printer Mitutoyo

264-505A Mitutoyo DP-1VA Data Printer - Data Logger

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Product Description

Mitutoyo Data Printer & Data Logger

Just like Mitutoyo's original DP-1, this is a palm-sized printer used to print measurement data from a digimatic gage or to perform statistical analysis.

This new DP-1VA gives you the added feature of Data Logging, allowing you to collect up to 1,000 measurements out on the factory floor away from a computer, then at the end of a shift or day, you can connect the DP-1VA to a PC's USB Port and transfer all of your data directly into Excel or even a data collection software like MeasurLink.

This printer offers excellent functionality. You can use it not only to print measurement data, perform a variety of statistical analyses, and draw a histogram or D chart but also to perform complicated operations for X-R control chart.

Technical Data

  • Printing method: Thermal line printer
  • Printing dot: 384dot (8dot/mm)
  • Printing speed: 0.8 s/line when using AC adapter
  • Printing paper: 48m
  • Printing Capacity...
    • Approx. 7,000 lines per roll with Large Font
    • Approx. 10,000 lines per roll with Normal Font
  • Approx. 12000 lines for normal characters
  • Processing capacity: 9999 data (mode 1/2/3) 100000 data (mode 0)
  • Printing data: Measurement data, GO/+NG judgment, No. of data, Max/min value, Range, Average, Standard deviation, No. of defective, Fraction defective, Process capability index, Histogram, D-chart, Control chart generation for Xd-bar and control limit data, date and time
  • Data Output...
    • USB Output
    • RS232C Output at TTL Level
    • GO /+NG judgment
  • Input timer: 0.25s, 1s, 5s, 30s, 1min, 30min, 60min
  • Power: AC adapter 6V
  • Electric battery: LR6 (alkaline), Ni-Mh (AA size)
  • Battery life: 10 years (clock battery), 10000 lines (1600mA 1time/5 sec. using the nickel hydrofluoric battery)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 94 x 201 x 75.2mm
  • Mass: 390g