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293-330-30-UWF Mitutoyo Micrometer to PC Wireless U-Wave FIT Package Digital Micrometer Mitutoyo

293-330-30-UWFP Mitutoyo Micrometer to PC Wireless U-Wave FIT Package

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Product Description

Mitutoyo Micrometer to PC Wireless Package, U-Wave FIT

This complete package provides all of the items required to be able to measure your products with a Mitutoyo 0-1" Digital Micrometer, and then send the measured data to a PC via Mitutoyo's U-Wave wireless gage interface system.

The Mitutoyo U-Wave FIT Transmitter / Connector plugs into the Mitutoyo 0-1" Digital Micrometer and hugs the body of the Micrometer, making all of these items feel like 1 unit.

The incoming data can be converted to a keyboard style entry, so wherever you can type in data is where your incoming data will be placed.

Works great with MS Word, Excel..., even SPC software packages.

Complete package includes the following...

  • Mitutoyo 0-1" Digital Micrometer w/SPC Output
  • U-Wave FIT Connector
  • U-Wave FIT Transmitter
  • U-Wave Receiver w/USB connecting cable and U-Wave software

Mitutoyo Digital Micrometer Features...

  • 0-1" / 25mm Measuring Range
  • 0.00005" / 0.001mm Resolution

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