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293-332-30-IP Mitutoyo Micrometer to USB Direct Package, 2-3

293-332-30-IP Mitutoyo Micrometer to USB Direct Package, 2-3" Range, .00005" Resolution

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Product Description

Mitutoyo 2-3" Digital Micrometer to USB Direct Package

This package provides all of the items required to be able to measure your products with a Mitutoyo 2-3" Digital Micrometer, and then send the measured data to a PC through a USB port.

The incoming data is converted to a keyboard style entry, so wherever you can type in data is where your incoming data will be placed.

Works great with MS Word, Excel..., even SPC software packages.

Complete package includes the following...

The Mitutoyo 293 Series is a line of advanced digital micrometers offering high accuracy and resolution for precision measurement. Available in a range of sizes, this series features an ABSOLUTE linear encoder that eliminates reliance on origin point setting. The ratchet thimble and friction thimble options allow both coarse and fine adjustment. With an IP65-rated dust/water proof body, the 293 Series is ideal for shop floor use. It has a convenient flip-open lever to speed measurements as well as Mitutoyo's DIGIMATIC output for data transfer.

Mitutoyo Digital Micrometer

    • 2-3" / 50-75mm Measuring Range
    • 0.00005" / 0.001mm Resolution
    • Accuracy: + .00005"
Features Include...
  • IP65 Level of Protection, enabling use in environments exposed to cutting oil, etc
  • Measurement data output function is available with a water-resistant connection cable
  • Auto power ON/OFF function
  • With a standard bar
  • Supplied in fitted case
  • Carbide Tipped Faces
  • Ratchet Stop

Functions Include...

    • Origin Set
    • Zero Set
    • Auto Off
    • Data Hold
    • in/mm conversion

Mitutoyo USB Data Input Tool Gage Interface

  • This device uses your computer's USB connection to make data collection easy. This is a Single Gage Interface device that connects directly to your PC's USB port. Microsoft Windows will recognize this device as a 2nd keyboard, allowing you to import data from your gage directly into ANY Windows-based software you want. Wherever you would be typing in data is where the incoming data from your gage will be placed.

Mitutoyo 2m Interface Cable Type B

  • This 2 meter data cable from Mitutoyo is designed for transferring measurements from compatible Mitutoyo digital micrometers to a computer or data collection device. It features a 10-pin Mitutoyo Digimatic connector on one end to interface with the micrometer. The other end has a waterproof B-type connector with an output button to connect to the data collection device. With this cable, users can transmit micrometer measurements directly to software, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Footswitch. (Optional)

  • Used on floor as footswitch or on the tabletop as a palmswitch. With a cable about 4.5ft long.