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30-610-0 Super Wee Block Set Gage Blocks SPI

30-610-0 Super Wee Block Set

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Product Description

Super Wee Block Set

Features include...

  • A unique and universal holding tool for small, miniature or intricate parts, used in conjunction with larger V-Blocks.
  • Capacity 0.030" to 9/32".
  • Ideal holding fixture for grinding / indexing punches and pins, drilling, milling, EDM, and inspection on optical comparators.
  • Furnished with bridges to straddle long workpieces, allowing top hold-down screw of V-Block clamp to be utilized.
  • Hardened and high precision ground Wee Blocks, squareness and parallelism within 0.0002".
  • Set of attractive, fitted case includes 2 Super Wee Blocks, size A 0.030" - 5/32", capacity and size B 0.050" - 9/32" capacity,
  • Bridge A and B, plus 5 Upper Prisms, 1/8", 5/32" and 3/16" capacity.