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3101-300E-USB INSIZE Micrometer 12

3101-300E-USB INSIZE Micrometer 12" to USB Interface Package

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Product Description

INSIZE Digital Micrometer to USB Direct Interface Package

This package allows you to measure products with a 11-12" Electronic Micrometer, and then send that data to ANY Windows-based software program.

The incoming data is treated like a keyboard entry, so whenever you can type in data is where the incoming data will be placed.

The USB Direct Cable has a data send button incorporated into the cable, and it also has a foot-switch jack that will allow you to plug in an optional foot-switch to make sending data extremely easy.

Package includes 1 each of the following...

  • Electronic Micrometer
    • 11-12" / 275-300mm Measuring Range
    • 0.00005" / 0.001mm Resolution
  • USB Direct Cable