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3109-50E Electronic Micrometer 1-2

3109-50E Electronic Micrometer 1-2"

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Product Description

INSIZE Electronic Micrometer

Features include...

  • 1-2" / 25-50mm Measuring Range
  • 0.00005” / 0.001mmResolution
  • Buttons: power on/off, inch/mm conversion, absolute and incremental measurement, data set
  • Auto power off
  • SR44 battery, includes one spare battery
  • DIN863, painted and insulated frame, ratchet friction thimble, spindle lock, with battery cover wrench, carbide tips
  • Spherical anvil included allows tube thickness measurements
  • Micrometers over 0-1”/0-25mm are supplied with a setting standard
  • No SPC Output
  • Supplied in fitted storage case