318-226A Mitutoyo Litematic VL-50S-B

318-226A Mitutoyo Litematic VL-50S-B

  • $ 12,511.50
  • Save $ 658.50

Mitutoyo's High-Resolution Measuring Unit with Granite Stand

Selectable resolutions...

  • .5uinch, 5uinch, 50uinch
  • 0.01um, 0.1um, 1um

Features include:

  • 0-2" / 50mm Measuring Range
  • The Litematic is designed for measuring easily-deformed workpieces and high precision parts such as pin gages, thin-wall bearings, plastic parts, and springs.
  • Extra-low measuring force of 0.01N (1gf).
  • Hands free operation with optional foot switch.
  • Ceramic anvil models are free from corrosion and easy to maintain.
  • With SPC output.

The Litematic Head unit can be mounted onto fixtures or an optional stand to allow great flexibility of use.

  • Mitutoyo Litematic Brochure... Click here