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35-14-MO Mylar Overlay Optical Comparator Mylar Overlay VIP 10X

35-14-MO Mylar Overlay

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Product Description

360° Combination Radius Chart

This Mylar Overlay displays Radius in all quadrants on one chart.

Increments per magnification are as follows...

  • 10X Mag - .005" increments
  • 20X Mag - .0025" increments
  • 50X Mag - .001" increments
  • 100X Mag - .0005" increments

13.5" Diameter Mylar Overlay fits both Mitutoyo Optical Comparator models...

  • PH-A14
  • PH-3515F

This item is made to order, so the lead time for shipping is approximately 1 - 2 weeks after receipt of order.

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