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FP-4USB 4-Input USB Gage Interface Box Gage Interface Box US Made

FP-4USB 4-Input USB Gage Interface Box

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Product Description

4-Input USB Gage Interface Box

The FlexPort 4-USB allows you to send data to ANY Windows-based software via 3 different options...

  • USB Keyboard Style Output. This will send data to your PC with the readings being treated by Windows just like a keyboard entry. Wherever you would be typing in data is where the incoming gage readings will be placed.
  • USB Serial Port. If you have software that wants to pull data via a Serial Port (Virtual COMport).
  • DB9F Serial Port, standard RS-232.

Features include...

  • 4 Mitutoyo Digimatic-style ports
  • Each port includes a designated footswitch
  • Units can be Daisy-chained together
  • Includes 6' USB Cable.