4 Input Interface Box w/ Rotary Switch

FP-4U-RS 4-Input Interface Box w/ Rotary Switch

  • $ 795.00

4-Input Interface Box w/ Rotary Switch

The Universal FlexPort can collect data from a wide variety of digital gages such as Mitutoyo, Mahr Federal, Starrett, Ono Sokki, Fowler and more. Many other devices, such as weigh scales, balances, readouts and more, can be connected using standard cables to collect up to 5 readings from a single output. Mix and match gage types side by side. The ability to collect data from virtually any device gives you the power to use the instruments you need.

The FlexPort simultaneously combines the signal from multiple tools and converts it to a standardized format (RS232 serial) for collecting into any software you choose. (SPC software packages have a driver for this format). The front panel includes multiple data send LEDs to signal successful data sending. The LEDs turn on when data is requested and automatically turn off when data has been sent.

Five ways to send data...

  • Send button (on the gage or cable)
  • Selectable Send button (on front of FlexPort, select which port is sent via rotary dial)
  • Selectable Data Send jack (on font of FlexPort, select which port is sent via rotary dial)
  • Data send jack (Optional Footswitch)
  • PC host commands (send host commands to request a reading)

Features include...

  • Digimatic, OptoRS232, and Serial input converted to a standardized output
  • Data send LED flashes to show successful data sending
  • Data send jack to trigger reading for each port
  • Pass-thru port for stacking units or connecting other RS232/USB devices
  • Use right out of the box or configure to match custom requirements