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53-762-102 Fowler Shore D Durometer Portable Hardness Testers Fowler

53-762-102 Fowler Shore D Durometer

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Product Description

Fowler's Portable Durometer is just right for testing the hardness of flexible materials such as rubber and plastics. These gages conform to shore scales.

Features include...

  • Manufactured in accordance with DIN, ASTM, ISO and JIS specifications, two styles are available in both analog and digital readout.
  • A scale unit to fit a wide variety of applications.
  • Test pieces should have a thickness of at least .20"/5mm to provide accurate readings that conform to Shore D hardness scales.
  • Penetrator: Blunt taper 30°
  • Shore Scale: D
  • Graduation: 1 Shore
  • The test piece size should be smooth and have sufficient area to be able to support the base of the hardness tester.
  • Includes reference test block, operating instructions and fitted case.
  • Optional bench stand available.

Applications include...

  • Soft and natural rubber products
  • Neoprene and polyesters
  • Soft P.V.C.
  • Leather
  • Thiokol
  • Nitril rubbers, wax, felt and more.