54-440-977 Fowler Digital Protractor

54-440-977 Fowler Digital Protractor

  • $ 2,301.80

Fowler Digital Protractor

Features include...

  • Selectable Ranges: 1 x 360å¡ / 2 x 180å¡/ 4 x 90å¡
  • Patented Sylvac Measuring System
  • 0.01å¡ (1 minute) Resolution
  • Zero anywhere through 360å¡ range
  • Built-in Zero hardpoint for flush surfaces
  • Direct DMS / DD Conversion
  • A variety of bases and blades are available
  • 360å¡ Microfine adjustment
  • 100% Stainless Steel construction
  • Direct RS-232 output - No interface required!

Fowler - Sylvac's Deluxe Electronic Protractor, featuring the patented Sylvac measuring system, provides an LCD readout in 1 minute of arc or 0.01å¡.

A push button selects the measuring range according to application (1 x 360å¡, 2 x 180å¡ or 4 x 90å¡) and changes the reading from DMS to decimal degrees. Additional buttons provide for zero setting and print functions. Provided with 8" blade, V-Support and fitted wooden case.