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54-565-100-1 Bowers Ultima Bore Gaging System 0.787

54-565-100-1 Bowers Ultima Bore Gaging System 0.787" - 3.94"/20 - 100mm

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Product Description

Introducing the Ultima Bore Gaging System from Fowler Bowers, a remarkable leap forward in precision measurement technology. Building upon the legacy of the renowned Super-Bore line of bore gages and accessories, the Ultima promises exceptional quality and accuracy. 

One of its standout features is the constant spring pressure, guaranteeing unparalleled repeatability in measurements. The heads effortlessly self-center within the bore, providing a positive feel for users. 



• Measuring range: 0.787" - 3.94"/20 - 100mm
• Resolution: 0.00001"/0.0001mm

• Constant spring pressure ensures top repeatability
• Positive feel when heads self-center in the bore
• "FASTFIT" measuring heads for rapid replacement
• UKAS certificates standard for all measuring heads

• UKAS certificates standard for all setting rings
• Ceramic anvils on heads above 0.472"/12mm
• Blind-bore measurement standard above 0.472"/12mm
• Possible to connect several probe holders to one single readout to measure different bore sizes at one measuring station
• The complete range of Bowers special heads are available for the Ultima (grooves, threads, splines, deep-bores etc.)
• Depth stops available for all heads
• Extensions available for deep bore measurement


Set includes:

  • Handle, rings and heads - does not include readout.

Special features:

  • Greater accuracy
  • Utilizes Bowers' "FASTFIT" measuring heads
  • Setting rings manufactured to DIN Standard 2250 part 2
  • Extended head ranges (above 14mm) for greater flexibility and cost-effective measurement
  •  All 2-6mm sets supplied with depth-stop as standard

Digital Display:

  • D62S displays are light weight, compact units designed exclusively for P12D probes using an M8 industrial connector. Each display features a 4.3" touchscreen color display and a selectable resolution up to 0.00001"/0.01µm
  • 2 M8 connectors for P12D probes
  • Foot pedal connection
  • Basic mathematical functions
  • Tolerances, go-nogo, Int., Ext.

Advanced Digital Display Specifications:

  • D62S Advanced units include all the features of the D62S Digital Display (54-618-106-2)
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Built in battery autonomy of 8 hours
  • Global tolerance LED indicators
  • Formulas, MIn, Max, Delta
  • Time and date displays
  • 2 foot pedal connections