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543-727B-UW Mitutoyo Digital Indicator to PC U-Wave Wireless Package, 1

543-727B-UW Mitutoyo Digital Indicator to PC U-Wave Wireless Package, 1" Range, .0005" Resolution

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Product Description

Mitutoyo Digital Indicator to PC Mitutoyo U-Wave Wireless Package

This complete package provides all of the items required to be able to measure your products with a Mitutoyo 1" Digital Indicator, and then send the measured data to a PC via Mitutoyo's wireless gage interface system, U-Wave.

Mitutoyo's NEW ID-C Series is their standard digital indicator line. A large LCD display is incorporated into the gage making for improved visibility, and rotates 330°, allowing for use at a position where the measurement value can always be easily read.

Included are three large, easy to press buttons that you can freely set to ANY frequently used functions.

Also included in this new model is an analog bar that makes it convenient for observing subtle movements such as the approach to tolerance.

The incoming data can be converted to a keyboard style entry, so wherever you can type in data is where your incoming data will be placed.

Works great with MS Word, Excel..., even SPC software packages.

Complete package includes the following...

  • Mitutoyo Digital Indicator w/SPC Output
      • 0-1" / 25.4mm Measuring Range
      • .0005"/0.01mm Resolution
      • + 0.0010" / 0.02mm Accuracy
      • 1.8N or less Measuring Force
      • Face Rotates 330°
      • Stem Diameter: .375"
      • Flat Back
      • SPC Output
      • Battery Operated
      • Functions include...
        • MIN, MAX, TIR
        • Preset / Zero-Set
        • Direction Switching
      • A Mitutoyo U-Wave Wireless system

        • Mitutoyo U-Wave Receiver
          • Located at the PC, this small device captures data from up to 100 different transmitters. The U-Wave Receiver then sends the data to your Windows-based software of choice, including SPC software packages as well as Microsoft software packages like MS Excel and MS Access.
        • Mitutoyo U-Wave Transmitter
          • Out at the Mitutoyo Digital Gage, a U-Wave Transmitter is used to wirelessly send data from your Mitutoyo gage to the U-Wave Receiver. Each U-Wave Transmitter has its own digital ID and is "married" to a specific U-Wave Receiver, so you can have multiple U-Wave Transmitters and multiple U-Wave Receivers in the same general area and you don't have to worry about data being sent to the wrong U-Wave Receiver.

      • Without Footswitch:
        • Mitutoyo U-Wave Connecting Cable
          • This short cable, about 6.5" in length, connects the Mitutoyo gage to the U-Wave Transmitter.
      • With Footswitch:
        • Mitutoyo U-Wave Connecting Cable w/ Footswitch
          • This cable connects the Mitutoyo gage to the U-Wave Transmitter, giving users the option to connect a footswitch. This cable is around 6.5" in length from the transmitter to the Indicator, and around 19.5" in length to the footswitch.Footswitch Cable Schematic
        • Universal Footswitch.
          • Used on floor as footswitch or on the tabletop as a palmswitch. With a cable about 4.5ft long.

      Package can be ordered with or without a Universal Footswitch.