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568-968 Mitutoyo Borematic Complete Gage Set 2-3

568-968 Mitutoyo Borematic Complete Gage Set 2-3"

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Mitutoyo Borematic Set

The Mitutoyo Borematic Absolute Digimatic Snap Bore Gages are one of the most popular three-point bore gages available on the market today. The borematic series incorporates a snap open lever to control the movement of the measuring anvils. The lever style readout saves users a lot of time compared to using a micrometer style readout where users have to continuously turn the thimble to retract or let the anvils out of the measuring head. The snap open lever style readout creates better repeatability among users. The Borematic enables the operator to take measurements more accurately and quicker than ever before. The electronics in the borematic bore gages will retain the setting for the origin point for the entire battery life which saves time as users to not have to input the preset into the electronics each time they are going to use the bore gage. The display can also be rotated 330 degree which is helpful for users trying to read the diameter at any angle.

The Mitutoyo 568-968 borematic bore gage set includes the following :

  • Borematic Bore Gage: 2.0-2.5" / 50.8-63.5mm
  • Borematic Bore Gage: 2.5-3.0" / 63.2-76.2mm
  • Setting Ring: 2.50"

This Borematic Set is the complete unit style. There is a readout for each of the two individual heads included in this set so the operator does not need to interchange or swap out the different measuring heads.

Features Include...

  • Range: 2-3" / 50.8-76.2mm
  • Resolution: .00005" / .001mm
  • Complete Unit Set
  • Available in Metric and Metric/Inch models
  • Optional extension rod allows for measuring deep holes
  • Optional setting rings for zero point adjustment are available
  • Contact points are constructed of TiN for impact resistance and better durability
  • Design allows for measurements closer to the bottom of blind bore holes
  • SPC output function offers quick and easy data management in real time
  • ABSOLUTE (ABS) linear scale eliminates the need for setting the origin point every time the micrometer is powered on
  • Elimination of overspeed errors provides a higher measurement reliability and repeatability
  • Functions include Zero/ABS Setting, GO/NO-GO judgment, power On/Off, and inch/mm conversion (on inch/metric models only)
  • Supplied in fitted wooden case