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64AAB640 Mitutoyo MIG-8USB Gage Interface Box Gage Interface Boxes Mitutoyo

64AAB640 Mitutoyo MIG-8USB Gage Interface Box

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Product Description

Mitutoyo's 8-Port Gage Interface Box, the MIG-8USB

The MIG-8USB converts an incoming Mitutoyo Digimatic Measurement signal from a Mitutoyo gage into a signal that software like Mitutoyo's MeasurLink will recognize, and then sends that signal through a PC's USB port and onto your data collection software.

Features include...

  • Up to 8 different gages can be connected to this interface box at the same time.
  • Each port has a designated footswitch jack.
  • Units can be daisy-chained together to add multiple gages.
  • Unit includes 6' USB Cable.
  • Includes AC Adapter & serial cable.