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64AAB857 MeasurLink, Defect Analytics Report for Power BI Mitutoyo MeasurLink SPC Software Mitutoyo

64AAB857 MeasurLink, Defect Analytics Report for Power BI

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Product Description

MeasurLink Defect Analytics for Power BI

Leverage the power of Power BI in collaboration with MeasurLink to rapidly and efficiently generate customer-oriented reports, dashboards, and analytics within your own applications. This integration simplifies your data analysis process, minimizing the need for extensive developer resources by automating the surveillance, management, and deployment of manufacturing data. In synergy with MeasurLink, Power BI transforms your manufacturing and quality control data, empowering you to optimize processes and make informed, data-driven decisions.

Quality Dashboard Benefits:

  • Identify locations of quality problems in a manufacturing plant
  • Identify parts with quality problems
  • Identify characteristics with quality problems
  • Inspection count activity
  • Defect count and percentages
  • Identify time series of quality improvement:
    1. Month over Month
    2. Week over Week
    3. Day over Day

Power BI Defect Analysis:

  • Microsoft Power BI report
  • Data Model from MeasurLink, DB
  • Visuals for Inspection Count and Defects
  • Multi-page
  • Summary and Overview
  • Time over time
  • Drill through ability
  • Filters (Dimensions) for:
    1. Station
    2. Part
    3. Routine
    4. Characteristic
    5. Date Range

MeasurLink, Data Model:

  • Star schema built around Inspection Run Data
  • Characteristic Tolerance and Actual used for determining defects
  • DAX expressions used to preprocess extracted data
  • Data model intended to be refreshed periodically (e.g., daily) scheduled in Power BI service
  • Web publishing and viewing requires Microsoft Power BI subscription (not provided with purchase of report)