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64PKA129C Mitutoyo QM-Height Gage 14

64PKA129C Mitutoyo QM-Height Gage 14" w/ Air Flotation, FREE Shipping

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Product Description

Mitutoyo's NEW QM-Height Gage with Air Flotation

Extreme Best-In-Class accuracy, increased functionality and ease of use. The QM-Height delivers outstanding accuracy to satisfy your most critical measurement needs. It measures maximum / minimum and displacement from the surface or by increment. It also measures inside / outside diameter via a unique process (detect the circle apex and process by tracing measurement). Additionally, the QM-Height has a variety of Styli available to match your specific application.

This model includes an Air Flotation System that allows for smooth movement along a surface plate.

  • Pressing a button on the grip activates the internal air pump.
  • The bases rises on a cushion of air and is able to be moved smoothly over a surface plate.Save

Specifications include...

  • 0-14" / 350mm Measuring Range
  • High Accuracy: + (2.4 + 2.1L / 600)um
  • A GO / NO GO Judgment Light (Red / Green / Orange)
  • Battery Life = approximately 1200 hours of use

Features include...

  • Newly developed high-accuracy and high-resolution ABSOLUTE linear encoder for position detection.
  • Easy reference icon keys.
  • Possible to measure inside/outside diameter via unique process (detect the circle apex and process by tracing measurement).
  • Various types of optional probes are available.
  • Large size LCD.
  • Go/no-go judgment is performed by setting the upper and lower tolerances. If a result is out of tolerance, the display changes from green to red, so tolerance judgment can be made at a glance.
  • Slider elevation knob (for travel) / wheel (for measurement).
  • With SPC and USB output.

Selectable Resolutions...

  • 0.00005", 0.0001"
  • 0.001mm, 0.0005mm

Includes AC Adapter

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