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77-504-9 Suburban Round Magnetic Chuck 9.25

77-504-9 Suburban Round Magnetic Chuck 9.25" Diameter Standard Pole

$ 2,438.70

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Product Description

Standard Pole, for holding large and thick work pieces.

These Magnetic Chucks are designed for efficient holding of magnetic workpieces on grinders, lathes, and other machines with rotating spindles.

Made with permanent, ceramic magnets for superior holding power, these magnetic chucks never lose their strength.

The top plate is laminated from steel and stainless steel, furnace brazed into one solid piece and precision ground. This top plate can be drilled, tapped, or machined to 3/4s of its thickness if necessary.

The back surface of the aluminum chuck body has tapped holes and turned counterbore for convenient mounting on machines.

"Partial-On" for holding parts prone to distortion.

Features include...

  • 9.25" Diameter
  • 3" Height
  • 4" Counterbore Diameter
  • 3/16" Depth
  • 5" Bolt Circle
  • Four 3/8-16 x 1/2" Tapped Holes
  • Standard Pole

Shipped Ground Only