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98-500-2 Dead Blow Hammer Hammers SPI 1 3/16

98-500-2 Dead Blow Hammer

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Product Description

Dead Blow Hammer

The housing on these Dead Blow Hammers is made from reinforced tubular steel and filled with steel shot for a satisfying non-rebound effect. The significant, double-weld over-strike protection at the neck helps reduce handle breakage. The tubular steel handle with ergonomic rubber grip makes for comfortable use. The heads are lathed from extruded rods of nylon (Polyamide 6, Natural, 65 Shore D +/- 5) with a press fit design.

Suggested uses: Automobile assembly and repair work, positioning of work pieces in the vice, tent and hall construction, car body work, repair and maintenance work, straightening work, housing assembly, assembly of sharp-edged work pieces, joining of work pieces, sheet-metal working.

Features Include...

  • Replaceable Nylon Tips
  • These dead blow nylon hammers feature a hollow hammer head filled with thousands of tiny steel balls.
  • The inertia of the individual pieces provides a bounce-free, 100% impact.
  • Mar-resistant, comfortable to use.
  • Heavy Duty, Rubber Grip Handle
 Part Number Face Diameter Length Weight
98-500-2 1-3/16" 11-3/8" 20 oz
98-501-0 1-3/8" 11-1/2" 25 oz
98-502-8 1-3/4" 12" 32 oz
98-503-6 2" 12-1/8" 42 oz