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A&D EJ200 Scale to PC Package 210 grams, Interface Box & Footswitch

A&D EJ200 Scale to PC Package 210 grams, Interface Box & Footswitch

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Product Description

A&D EJ200 Scale to PC Package, Interface Box & Footswitch or Handswitch

This package give you the ability to measure your products with an A&D Precision Balance, and then send that measurement to a PC through the included hardware.

This package was developed for a customer that wanted to quickly capture readings, and send those readings to a spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel. The included A&D Scale can measure products up to 210 grams, and then by simply pressing the included footswitch, the data is sent to your PC through a USB Port. The incoming data will be treated just like a keyboard entry. so the incoming data will be placed wherever you would be typing in data.

There is also a carriage return at the end of the data string, so you can move from 1 cell to the next, collecting data in each cell, without having to touch anything but the footswitch or Handswitch.

Package includes...

  • A&D EJ-200 Precision Balance
  • A&D EJ-03 RS-232 Interface Option Installed
  • MicroRidge WedgeLink AT Gage Interface Box
  • RS-232 & USB Cables
  • Your choice of Footswitch or Handswitch

EJ-200 Precision Balance

  • 210 grams Measuring Capacity
  • 0.01 gram Resolution
  • Includes AC Adapter
  • Large Display
  • 5" x 5.5" Pan Size